Smart Meter Shield

By installing a Faraday Cage around your smart meter, you contain
90-95% of the radiation waves emitted by the meter.


Q.   How can you tell your device works?

A.   The radio/microwaves are measurable with electro magnetic frequency detectors that can read the wavelength of these waves.  One such meter is GQ EMF-380, which I use.

Q.   Why does a Smart Meter emit microwaves?

A.   A Smart Meter is a wireless communication device that sends out a radio frequency a.k.a. microwave in order to communicate.  I

Q.   How does the Cage work?

A.  Putting a Faraday Cage on the Meter is like putting on a coat in cold weather.  You aren’t changing the weather, you are just minimizing the effect it has on you.

Q.   What is a Faraday Cage?

A.   A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields.  A Faraday shield may be formed by enclosing a field in a continuous covering of conductive material. Faraday cages are named after the English scientist Michael Faraday, who invented them in 1836.

Q.   Why does the Cage work?

A.  Technically speaking, surrounding an electromagnetic field  creates an opposite field which induces a net zero electromagnetic field.

Q.   How can this work like a Faraday Cage when it doesn’t go all the way around the meter?

A.   The back of the meter is a metal plate which our cage touches so, in effect, the meter is totally surrounded by  conductive materials.

Q:  What frequency do they operate at, and what sort of radiation do they emit?

The PG&E Silver Springs Network “smart” meter operates in the 902-928 MHz range, near the range of most cell phones, and in the radio-frequency microwave range (300 MHz to 3 GHz). The 2-millisecond spikes of RF (radio-frequency) it emits are randomly assigned to a pattern of alternating frequencies—the pulses keep shifting which frequency they are using.  read more

Q.   What symptoms do some people have from their meter?

A.  The most obvious is not being able to sleep well when your bed is on the other side of the wall of the meter.  Other symptoms may be more difficult to know that the Smart Meter is the cause.  The only way to tell is to get away from all Smart Meters and see if your symptoms disappear.
Symptoms people have reported include:  headaches, ringing in ears, nausea, anxiety, memory loss, moodiness and interference with pacemakers.

Q.   Why do people think the Smart Meter is dangerous?

A.   This radiation sends signals to living tissue that stimulate biochemical changes, which can generate various symptoms and may lead to diseases such as cancer.

High frequency EMFs such as the microwaves used in cell phones, smart meters, Wi-Fi and cordless ‘‘DECT’’ phones, appear to be the most damaging when used commonly. Most of their biological effects, including symptoms of electrohypersensitivity, can be seen in the damage done to cellular membranes by the loss of structurally-important calcium ions.
Furthermore, malfunction of the parathyroid gland, located in the neck just inches from where one holds a cell phone, may actually cause electrohypersensitivity in some people by reducing the background level of calcium ions in the blood. RF/microwave radiation is also known to decrease the production of melatonin, which protects against cancer, and to promote the growth of existing cancer cells. read more

Q.   How close do you have to be to a Smart Meter to be effected by one?

A.  Australian Associate Professor of neurosurgery Vini G. Khurana reports, adverse neurological effects have been reported in people who sustain close proximity to wireless meters, especially under 10 feet.
    A wireless smart meter produces radiofrequency microwave radiation with two antennas in approximately the same frequency range (900 MHz to 2.4 GHz) as a typical cell tower. But, depending on how close it is to occupied space within a home, a smart meter can cause much higher RF exposures than cell towers commonly do.  If a smart meter is located on a common wall with a bedroom or kitchen rather than a garage wall, for example, the RF exposure can be the same as being within 200 to 600 feet distance of a cell tower with multiple carriers. With both cell towers and smart meters, the entire body is immersed by microwaves that go out in all directions, which increases the risk of overexposure to many sensitive organs such as the eyes and testicles. With a cell phone, people are exposed to microwaves primarily in the head and neck (unless using speaker mode), and only when the device is turned on or in standby mode.  read more 

Q.   Why haven’t I felt the effects if it’s so bad?

A.   According to 7 surveys done in six European countries between 2002 and 2004, about 10% of Europeans have become electrosensitive. The most famous person to publicly reveal her electrosensitivity is Gro Harlem Brundtland, formerly Prime Minister of Norway and retired Director of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Q.   Can I do more to protect those who live in my house?

A.  Yes.  One thing some people like is to hang a Natural Negative Ion Generator on the wall (even behind a picture).

Q.   Can I get the power company to take my Smart Meter off and put an analog meter back on?

A.  Yes.  I called Duke Energy and they told me they will do it for a $96.34  fee plus $15.60 a month.  Their number is 407-629-1010.