Natural Negative Ion Generators

Negative ions are the good ones.  They’re also called Anions.
Lots of natural things can generate Anions, things based on sacred geometry or frequencies or particular combinations of organic + inorganic materials, particular gem stones

Positive Ions are the harmful ones, at lest harmful to humans and most pets.  They’re also called Cations.
Lots of things generate cations, including, but not limited to,  smart meters,  most electronic devices, geopathic stress lines in the earth, counterclockwise coils,  office buildings with windows always closed and cars with the windows closed.

Ions are charged atoms.
Everything is made up of atoms.
Some atoms are neutral, at least for a while – until their movement causes them to lose or gain an electron or a proton. Then they are  charged.
EMFs, a.k.a. electromagnetic radiation is a wave (much like a radio wave) of positive ions.

An ion is simply a charged atom.
The word ‘charged’ implies there’s an electric field radiating from it.
Everything –  including bacteria, problems, anger, stress and your body has an electrical charge.

Due to the interaction of the magnetic & electrical field, Positive Ions  (Cations) cause your body to attract and hold onto bacteria, viruses, parasites, problems, emotional stress, and other dis-ease  causing energies.  Positive ions are stressors for humans.   Dise-ease literally means not at ease, which corresponds to the theory that disease is caused by stress.
Nutrients, oxygen and H2O cannot penetrate the cell. Waste and carbon dioxide remain trapped within the cell. The cell receives excessive sodium+/hydrogen+

Negative ions (Anions) restore and balance the body’s energy , while facilitating and aiding the body’s natural detoxification process. It also helps to balances and restores the body’s Ph and electromagnetic energy.