Copper Ion Splitters

Q.  What is an ion?

A.  An ion is a charged atom or molecule. It is charged because the number of electrons do not equal the number of protons in the atom or molecule. An atom can acquire a positive charge or a negative charge depending on whether the number of electrons in an atom is greater or less then the number of protons in the atom.

When an atom has the same number of protons and electrons, it isn’t an ion.  It’s just a neutral atom or molecule.

When an atom is attracted to another atom because it has an unequal number of electrons and protons, the atom is called an ION. If the atom has more electrons than protons, it is a negative ion, or ANION. If it has more protons than electrons,it is a positive ion.

Air ions are molecules of one or more of the gases that make up air (nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.) that have gained or lost electrons.

If they lose electrons the molecules have a net positive charge, and are “positive ions”, also called cations.  Don’t be fooled by the word positive.  Cations have lost an electron, so they are deficient and they can make you feel deficient.

If the molecules gain electrons, the molecules have a net negative charge, and are negative ions, also called antions.  We usually think of negative as being a bad thing, but in the case of ions,  antions (negative ions)  are the ones that can heal people and make them feel good mainly because they were created by an electron gain.

Air ions are a normal constituent of outdoor air, but natural ion levels are too low to be used to neutralize static charge in indoor environments.

Q. How do you ‘naturally’ produce negative ions?

A.  Especially where EMFs exist, there are plenty of ions already in the air, so we don’t need to make them, we use a splitter to separate the positive ions from the negative ions.  There is nothing mechanical needed.  A copper spiral wound clockwise with a 1/4 inch space between each spiral automatically attracts and splits them, sending the negative ions out the front and the positive ions out the back.

Q. What happens to the positive ions?

A.  The positive ions are the ones that don’t feel good, so when we split ions, we won’t benefit from the split unless we can avoid the feeling the positive charges.  If you hang the spiral on a wall and face the clockwise side to the room, you will feel uplifted.

However if you’re on the other side of that wall, you might feel grouchy or depressed and not know why.If  there is a tree on the other side of the wall, it doesn’t mind.  It will transform the positive ion.  If you want to protect people from the negativity emitted from the back, simply place steel wool on the back side to absorb the unwanted ions.