Now that I am aware of the nature of Geopathic Stress, I encourage everyone to practice Dowsing to identify and alleviate the many monumental problems this  unseen stress can cause in a person’s life.

It is amazing to me to see how dowsing can identify the root cause of  depression, chronic fatigue, pains, diseases and irritability.  Perhaps not as dramatic, but equally debilitating are the feelings of apathy,  unexplainable sadness , worry and the inability to concentrate.

Please join with us in our mission to identify these unseen origins and find solutions for them.  Plus, it’s quite a treat to meet other Humans of the Highest Intentions.

We meet twice a month, on the second and fourth Mondays from 4pm to 5:30.

Both beginners and the already proficient are invited to join us.
We meet on the back porch of a private home at
505 Roy Blvd.
Altamonte Springs, Florida  32701
contact: Lindy Lumbert  407-233-0650


What kind of dowsing tool should I get?

“Most dowsers start by using a tool to magnify their body’s intuitive response to a carefully asked question so they can more clearly observe/feel the result. There is no power in any tool, whether it is fancy or plain, although it makes sense to use a tool with which you are comfortable, and is suitable for the job at hand.”         Raymon Grace